Who we are

We are in simple terms, an all-in-one solution for all your catering needs. Just like our name represents, we invite restaurants as well as caterers/ individual chefs to, “cater” through our platform. Through the platform Cater with me, anyone in the food/catering industry, ranging from small to big restaurants to start-up chefs, can create a detailed profile about the services they offer and their description. We have sub-divided our services into different food categories to make it easy for both the caterers and the audience, in a way that our audience will find a list of food categories and can click on those that they are interested in and dive into the details of the restaurants’/ services that fall under only that specific category.

What we do

We understand that the comfort of our audience is our number one priority, hence we had to keep our platform in a very well-oriented manner alongside providing a wide range of services so all your catering needs are fulfilled, without any chaos and with a wonderful and satisfying experience. We bring all kinds of food types under one platform, so whatever you are looking for, just scroll through our categories and click on the one that your stomach is growling for at the moment. You will also be able to rate/review our favorite restaurant/business, and share your experience with other integrated users. We also provide the facility for you to directly communicate to the catering providers and stay in touch with them or make a direct appointment for future dates to request catering.

Why choose us

Upon the paid/premium version, you will also have the option to reserve the particular catering option for any such special event or occasion. We are a complete go-to stop for all your catering needs, where quality and service, nothing is compromised!

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