Answer) Yes, they will have it, but it will be a paid option. Some providers will have this service but others might not have it. It depends on the caterers/businesses whether they provide it or not.

Answer) Yes, we provide users the ability to rate and review the caterers and share their words/experiences with others. It is also a bridging source between the caterers and the users as the positive reviews will help the business expand.

Answer) There are various kinds of items provided by the caterers, which are subdivided into small categories. There is an item for literally every taste and every flavor that one can ask for and desire. Here is a list of what food categories you can find under our platform:

  • Breakfast
  • Deli
  • Fast – food
  • Food truck
  • Seafood
  • Sport bar
  • Pizza
  • Vegan – friendly
  • Soul food
  • Greek
  • Sandwiches
  • Gluten-free
  • Fine dining
  • Ice-cream
  • Latin-American
  • Caribbean
  • Buffet
  • Country-food
  • Southern
  • Sushi
  • Steak
  • Thai-food

Answer) We have created a user-friendly platform in order to make every step very easy for the users. You just have to scroll through our category section and simply click on the food category you are looking for. There you will find a list of restaurants that provide services with respect to that particular food category. Then just click on the name of the restaurants’ that interest you and discover their menu and see what they can offer you.

Answer) Yes, we give you the opportunity to direct set up a one-to-one chat with the particular caterer and also make an appointment for your future needs

Answer) Yes, in case of any issue you can contact us and we will try our utmost best to facilitate you in whatever ways we can.

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